Presidential Candidates and the Cannabis Industry.

Presidential Candidates and the Cannabis Industry.

Presidential Candidates Still in the Race and Their Effect on the Cannabis Industry

We have been waging the so-called war on drugs since the 1970s, with something like marijuana being placed on the Schedule 1 controlled substance list alongside LSD and heroin. Fortunately, we are now amid a stark reversal of this war with both Democrats and Republicans ready to take their blindfolds off.

While there has been a rapid spread of state legalization of  medical CBD, marijuana and Cannabis across the US, there is still a long way to go towards ending prohibition. Now with the election just around the corner as a voter, it is important to know what each candidate still in the race thinks about Cannabis and what they’d do to make access to those living in Louisiana and other states easier.

Joe Biden 

Most people know him as Barrack Obama’s vice president, but what many people don’t know is that Biden has every now and then flirted with the idea of legalizing marijuana. While the federal government has mainly taken a hands-off approach to legalization, Biden was once quoted as saying he’d favor full-blown legalization if it was supported by medical experts.

When recently asked on the presidential election trial he said that his previous stance had not changed. The problem with this stance is that medical experts can’t all agree on one thing. Then there is also the question which medical experts would he consider? Because there are just as many in support of legalizing marijuana as they are who are not. In other words, his stance isn’t clear or decisive for that matter.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, for the most part, in our opinion, is undecided. On the 2015 campaign trial, his position was that even though he believed that there were therapeutic benefits of marijuana, but it didn’t merit legalization. At one point he was quoted as saying “it was a bad idea” when speaking about legalizing marijuana.

Later on, his stance changed to that states were in the best position to legalize marijuana how they saw fit, but without any input from the federal government. Though his support for medical marijuana was clear from the beginning.

During his time as president trump tried to make it harder for states to legalize marijuana, case in point being the 2021 fiscal year budget announced in February 2020. Further solidifying our suspicions that Trump isn’t in the camp of legal marijuana is a leaked conversation from 2018, during which he can is heard saying that people who use cannabis “lose IQ points!”

While many Republican lawmakers insist that President Donald Trump supports states making their own decisions regarding legalization, so far the initial five years have proven otherwise. 


While we are months away from the presidential elections, it is unclear which candidate would do the most to favor the legalization of recreational Cannabis. Even though democratic supporters would argue that Biden has a stronger stance but relying on the medical community to give him the green signal isn’t a stance. If anything, that’s never going to happen because doctors are unable to agree to anything!

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