Louisiana Medical Marijuana

Louisiana Medical Marijuana

Medical Cannabis has now been legalized in the state of Louisiana. Patients will soon be able to acquire natural medicines as a healthy alternative to pharmaceuticals legally. Unfortunately, the state has not allowed any smokable form of cannabis. All medications will be edible, oral, or topical for now. As much as the citizens of Louisiana fought to get some form of medical cannabis program enacted, there is still fighting left to be done. We must continue to voice our opinions to our elected officials. If we continue the fight we can bring Louisiana’s medical program up to par with other states. With a bit of luck, we can help to get more products available to patients in other forms. LMMB will do it’s part and bring you, the people of Louisiana, news and information on Medical Cannabis and all things related. Check back regularly for new articles, dispensaries, and doctors all in the state.

How Can You Become A Medical Cannabis Patient In Louisiana.

  • Have a condition or illness legally recognized by the state.
  • Be Evaluated by a qualified physician licensed to recommend cannabis.
  • Have prescription recommendation sent to dispensary of choice(FAX).
  • Bring state ID to pick up medication

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