Louisiana Schools Select Growers For Medical Cannabis

Louisiana Schools Select Growers For Medical Cannabis

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From September 2017

Medical cannabis research and legalization is on the rise along with recreational use around the world. Many states here in America have either legalized medical use or it is a hot topic on many ballots. Society is opening its eyes on a healthy alternative to many medications that are just as, if not more, dangerous as the cancer or tumor they are intended to treat. Health conscious people are seeking out more natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals. As people continue to accept cannabis, more funding becomes available and more research is done on the medicinal properties of the plant.

The majority of cannabis users have known about the medicinal properties for a long time. I myself find cannabis does a wonderful job of relieving headaches and nausea. Having a blood disorder, Often I have no appetite. A quick toke or two and in little time at all I am able to eat without forcing it. A family member uses Rick Simpson Oil, also known as RSO, to combat seizures.

Home Grown Medical Cannabis

Louisiana recently updated its medical marijuana policy which previously only allowed LSU Agricultural Center to cultivate and research cannabis. Although there has been some form of medical marijuana program in the state since the late 1970s, there were no places to access medical cannabis, nor were there any doctors that would actually recommend cannabis for medical purposes. The state will now allow LSU and Southern University to cultivate cannabis and produce medical products in the form of oils, topical applications, and pills to name a few.

A big issue is that any form of cannabis that can be smoked will be against policy. What is the purpose of this? People are going to smoke it just as they always have. Seems like that might be an issue if and when recreational passes here. Certainly that will be a legal battle that we will see soon. LSU Agricultural Center and The LSU Board of Supervisors have selected GB Sciences of Las Vegas to be the producer of high grade cannabis.

Southern University has not yet selected a producer at this time. Board members are working on a selection but nothing has been confirmed yet. As things move forward we will continue to post new information. Maybe we will see Southern make their selection. And soon after, some medical products for patients available at the dispensaries.

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